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Posted on - 24/07/12

Yes it is still tough out there but is it desperate? I think not.  So why then are our marketeers behaving as if it is? Probably because they have run out of ideas and the last desperate move is to associate their products with calendar events. Of course we have always had the usual Christmas themed cappuccino stencils and Easter egg symbols on menu boards but the enthusiasm that the marketers showed for linking their products to the Jubilee celebrations was beyond comprehension. Does it make you want to buy a brand of kitchen paper towel because it has a crown and sceptre and the dates of Queen Liz’s reign printed on it? I’m sure sales soared as people rushed to but the “royal” towel to mop up their spilled baked beans. As I walked the supermarket aisles I thought I was in one of the corridors of Buck House with so much royal regalia, on sausages to dishwasher tablets. Half expected Prince Philip to be propped behind a sampling table. “Would you like to try this new Feta cheese?” Now we have the Olympics for them to hang their hat on, although they will have to be more careful as the Olympics Rights committee are a much tougher act than the Royals’ comparable set up.

Come on marketeers leave the calendar events behind…. lets be inventive. Why not take a lead from this cafe in East London? AIR CONDITIONED COFFEE wow! People have been saying that it is really happening in East London for a while now. Not only are they ahead of the game with this innovative product but they have created much curiosity. You can hear the conversation outside. “I wonder how they do it.” “It must be served in a big cup then?” “I don’t normally like cold coffee but I’ll give it try”

Point is that the East London cafe has just messed up their signage but in doing so they have created interest and interest, not banality, is what we want.


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